postheadericon Smart Travelling with the Smarter Lifestyle for You Now

Many people ask how do you do that, so often on a journey. What are you doing? The answer is very simple: change your lifestyle. A lot of traveling means saving a lot and that does not happen by itself. There are a lot of things that you can save on, which you do not even feel like after a while, it becomes part of your lifestyle. So start today and save on it!

  1. Make The Balance

Do you know where your money goes every month? Make a printout of your costs of 2 months and divide this into categories. Then think of what you can save on and see how much you have left to save. Make sure that this amount is automatically transferred to your savings account every month. Are you short of money at the end of the month? Look where it went and try to do better the month after! morans westward ho

  1. Save On Your Messages

You can easily save money on groceries. Do groceries with a list, and buy a lot at once. Then at least you will not be tempted in the interim to buy things that you do not really need. Do you drink a lot of soft drinks? Try switching to lemonade, which can save a lot of money. Do you want to prick, then lemonade with sparkling water. Also take a good look at which vegetables fit the season and what is on offer. Do (a part of) your groceries at the Aldi or Lidl or on the market, this can also save a lot of money! For the travel lifestyle this happens to be a very important matter now.

  1. Buy Less Clothes

At the beginning of the month, think of what you really need that month, for example a new pair of trousers, a sweater or a winter coat and only buy that. Also thoroughly expand your closet, you will see that you encounter unexpected things and create new combi’s. Working with a clothing budget can also help to avoid impulse buying.

  1. freezer cooking

In America it is already immensely popular: freezer cooking. The bottom line is that you lock yourself up in the kitchen one Sunday of the month and then cook a meal or 5 in large quantities. You then freeze these meals. If you cook 5 meals for 6 people, you actually have 30 meals! Dishes that let them freeze are stews, pot roasts, curries, (pasta) sauces and casseroles. On PinterestYou can also find many ideas for this. And in the end, it also saves you time, after a busy day you do not have to think about what you eat, do your shopping (= no extra temptations) and cook food. Fruit, for example, also allows good freezing, for example cut a mountain of fruit in one go (if it is on offer, for example) and spread it over several bags. Freeze it. In no time you have, if you feel like it, a fresh smoothie!