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New In: Givenchy Nightingale tote!

I WON!! I am one of those people that has never won anything so it was about time I won something great!

I entered in the Vogue Germany giveaway sponsored by VeryEickhoff.com and won a beautiful black leather Givenchy bag! The name on my buzzer is spelled wrong so they had a little trouble locating me and wrote me a very nice email informing me it would arrive a day before fashion week…perfect timing!

It arrived in a beautifully packaged grey box with tissue paper, logo ribbon and came with a note of congratulations. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new addition! :)

Keep checking for the next post where you can see the bag in action ;)

Luck is out there, believe it!

givenchy nightingale tote, givenchy bag


  1. HallO!! Que suerte que tuvisteee!!! Me encanto la carteraaa!! There is no such thing as luck…only Purple Thoughts!! Tini

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