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Berlin Fashion Week FW2012

Hallo! Fashion week is now over so I finally have time to post about it! I’ve also had a few promising job interviews which I’m excited to share with all of you once it’s all finalized, and yes, it’s in fashion of course!

Berlin fashion week never fails to impress but the weather definitely put a bit of a damper on things… windy rain and always grey but I was determined to enjoy it anyway!

The week started off with the Bread&Butter opening party at the old Tempelhof airport which hasn’t been used since 2008 and looks like an airport of the 60′s so it made for a really original venue for the event, it’s absolutely HUGE! The party itself was great, lots of people and a great show by Argentine group Fuerza Bruta. Had the best time with my partner in crime Maria! I wore my new favorite leopard fur jacket my Mom gave me for xmas. :) Nothing like having a mom with great style sense!

On to the shows….

Friday was the Perret Shaad show at the big tent and I was SO excited as this was my first time to take part in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week! The show was a hot ticket so, there was a great mix of German celebs and socialites and some big names from the German fashion industry. The show was great, lots of beautiful flowing silk dresses and skirts paired with luxurious voluminous sweaters. I also had great seats for people watching which is probably my favorite part anyway :) !

Next post I’ll include the rest of the shows so keep reading and THANK YOU/GRACIAS for supporting :)


  1. oh sweet you love in berlin? Pero eres de Argentina no? Voy a ir a Argentina in Marzo para 5 dias tienes algunos tips en Buenos Aires? VAmos a ver Iguazu, Brasilia, y Chile :) Estuve en Berlin para el MBFW en verano el ano pasado y me encanta :)xoox,Luísa

  2. Hi Luisa! Si, soy de Argentina pero ahora vivo en Berlin. :)You speak Spanish so well! In BA don't miss the San Telmo flea market and also go to Palermo Soho for some great established and independent labels and nice cafe's.Love your blog and will happily follow! :)Sofia

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