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Snow Leopard

It’s really, really cold… really. But nothing we can do about it except wait for Spring! I want to start wearing all of the pretty pastel colors and floral prints I’ve seen in the shops…waiting is a bitch! In the meantime I managed to pull off some color with my burgundy tights although I was a bit too cold to pose for too long!
Kind of enjoying looking at the snow for now.

Photos by Maria!! Thanks!

Leopard jacket: Express from Mom!
Tights: Gina Tricot
Boots: Dune
Lace frill shorts: Zara new collection
Top: Zara
Bag: Mulberry
Fingerless gloves: Karl


  1. Easy to take pictures of you missyyyyyyyyy. FLASH!!!!!!Un café YA!!!love love lovewww.bitte-mit-latte.blogspot.com

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