Month: September 2012

Boyfriend jeans

For a relaxed weekend look there’s nothing better than some ripped boyfriend jeans and a relaxed blazer. Here I am dispelling the myth that you have to wear something fitted on top if it’s loose on the bottom. Fashion is about breaking the rules and making your own! My rule: Oversized blazer and oversized jeans […]

Relaxation in Ibiza

Since I’m waiting to take my proper vacation in November to Phuket, Thailand and later in December to Argentina for the summer there, I’m stuck in Germany while everyone goes away to beach destinations. So I’m recycling some old pictures of beautiful memories my husband and I made in Ibiza many years ago. Hope you […]

Treasure Hunting

Ever heard of the saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?’ Well Mauerpark is definitely the place where you can see that in the flesh. From locals to tourist, people flock to Mauerpark on weekends to hunt for little treasure’s of unwanted furniture, clothing and anything really that can be sold! I love bargain […]