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Treasure Hunting

Ever heard of the saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?’ Well Mauerpark is definitely the place where you can see that in the flesh. From locals to tourist, people flock to Mauerpark on weekends to hunt for little treasure’s of unwanted furniture, clothing and anything really that can be sold! I love bargain hunting! It actually feels more rewarding to find something, haggle down the price and take home something truly unique! Maybe I’m just looking for more of a challenge then just hitting a store and leaving with a bag. It’s getting too easy and I need the adrenaline rush like a true shopping addict.

The enormous grounds of Muerpark allow people to pitch tent and sell anything they want and also has a huge park where people can lay in the grass and listen to people embarrass themselves on the public karaoke machine. I know, sounds crazy. But it’s Berlin style!

We went on a Sunday and I had no intention of buying anything but as usual, I came home with a giant (and heavy) 60′s lamp! I bargained it down to 90€ but with no delivery so we had to wait by the street for ages before we could hail down a taxi big enough to take it! While standing there I had three offers to resell it, to which I said ‘hells no, I just got it!’ I also bought a Panama hat even though summer is officially over. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Mauerpark style

I’m not laughing at their unfortunate outfit choices, but seriously…who would want to buy someone else’s old wedding photo?! REALLY?!
My new original 60′s lamp @ 90€ !!
The lamp in its new home

 Wearing: Mango leather shorts, Zara jeans shirt, Zara camel platform shoes, Edina Ronay leopard bag, Panama hat Mauerpark


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