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Paris Memories

Here’s a little compilation of pictures from Paris Fashion Week (I promise this will be the last Paris post!). I’ve had no time to update lately so I thought I’d share these golden little memories. Speaking of golden memories I’ll never forget the night we went to see the Eiffel Tower and ended up in a cute little restaurant. As we were seated we both looked at eachother and as if reading eachothers minds said ‘hmm good looking waiter’. And a few drinks later we scribbled down on a napkin ‘You are trés HOT!!’ and giggled like schoolgirls as we ran away. We laughed so hard…until we saw a rat in the underground and snapped back into reality! Au Revoir Paris!
 Mery mit latte! Love this pic of her!
The incredible Bryan Boy!
Enjoying the music at Kong
Kong Paris
Ina Beissner stand at the Premiere

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  1. Oh nooo, wanna cry!!! Paris Fashion Week was crazy amazing, I miss you so badly mi gorda!!!But more adventures coming pretty sooooooon:)Love you trillones.Mery mit latte

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