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**Chicas in Paris! **

Everyone needs a little time away for a “girls only” trip once in a while. Just pack all of your best outfits, pick a city and make no other plans than to relax, shop and catch up in cafe’s. My lovely Maria and I did just that this weekend in Paris and even fit in a little museum culture, a greek toga party and some light shopping bien-sûr! I discovered this cool French accessories brand called Crezus and bought a few new rings for my ever growing collection.

It was cold in Paris so I sacraficed fashion for comfort with my Chucks being my footwear of choice. This is my best attempt at a ‘sporty-biker-chic’ look which I paired with my all-time, favourite, vintage, chain-mail bag. My mom bought it in a market in Thailand and it’s been with me ever since (ever since I clearly stole it from her). It has this faded painted print on it and it’s perfect for when you’re on the go and don’t have time to change your day-bag to suit your evening outfit. It’s funny that I didn’t immediatly love it but now it’s my go-to bag!

Until the weather and our budgets change and we can jet off to luxury island beach spa’s to meditate and sun ourselves, Paris will be our meeting point for when we need some girl time to just be GIRLS.

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My precious vintage bag and my new rings from Crezus

Always loving Maria’s Bohemian style

Wearing: Sandro polka dot silk top, Sandro leather baseball cap, H&M biker jacket, New rings from Crezus.

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