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& Other Stories – Berlin

Most have heard of H&M’s new brand & Other Stories which opened stores across Europe. I was invited to their pre-opening shopping event to get a look at the collection and here I am writing my story about it! (insert laughs)

It was a lovely affair with a select crowd and food and mini bottles of Möet on hand. The weather was warm and in the middle of it all I realized this was the first event of spring!!! Finally, SPRING!

The clothing was beautiful, modern and minimalist but more detail orientated version of COS’ minimalist aesthetic. What I really loved was the extensive shoe area because I’ve always said Berlin lacked shoe variety. Coming from living three years in London with all of the shoe labels you can think of, Berlin pales in comparison so I’m in dire need of new shoe destinations in here!

The store is located on Kufürstendam 234, where the old H&M used to be which is a two level old building which used to be a cafe back in the day. On the top floor there is a huge range of beauty products and more casual basics. I know where I’m going next time I need a basic white tee! If you don’t have a store near you, there’s online shopping here.

No more words, see for yourselves…


This baby’s on my wishlist

Wearing: Mango leopard print trousers, Asos ear-cuff earrings (get them here), Machima leather jacket, No brand silk blouse and vintage chain mail bag.


  1. I'm so curious about this! I've seen the pieces online and since than that I'm feeling really curious. Unfortunately, In Portugal we don't have yet news about a future opening..<3

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