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Urban Safari

Behold, my version of safari chic! The city can sometimes be like a jungle and every girl has got to be prepared… with her gold sandals, animal print bag, statement tribal necklace and safari hat, right? Right. But if you stop to think about it our urban landscape is indeed like a jungle. Dodging oncoming traffic, running to catch transport, walking on difficult terrain (in my case cobbles while wearing heels)… need I go on? Here I am braving the elements in what can best be described as what I would wear if I were starring in a remake of a modern day ‘Out of Africa’. I actually didn’t mean to make this a safari themed outfit but once I paired the print bag with the hat and linen vest it kind of ‘happened’. The gold sandals I have never used and I am absolutely determined to wear to death this summer. I’m also breaking a cardinal fashion rule: ‘Thou shalt not not mix silver and gold accessories’ but hey, it works and I’m on Safari, sheesh! So hopefully I’ve inspired you to go and get your safari on, because its a jungle out there!

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Wearing: Necklace and Bag: Zara, Hat: Cotton On, Sandals: No brand, Jeans: H&M Top: &Other Stories, Vest: Argentine Brand Paula C’ahen D’anvers, Gold Bracelet: Mango


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