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Label Crush: Ina Beissner

It’s so easy to fall in love with Ina, both the person and her beautiful jewelry. When I first met her she was presenting her first ever collection so I can say I’ve watcher her brand of beautifully crafted jewelry grow into a full blown label-to-watch which is on everyones wishlist from fashion editors to actresses and selling in megastores like Colette in Paris.

The pieces are instant eyecathers with her signature ‘bell’ design which I adore but they also have a certain classic and elegant feel to them. You can tell she draws inspiration from her South American roots from the images below from the current SS2013 collection. The best part about Ina is that she’s warm, intelligent and an incredibly fun person to have as a friend and that’s clearly qualities that shine through her designs as well. So Ina, here’s to you and all of your success! PS. I will return that necklace I ‘borrowed’ from your birthday party very soon… ;)

01 02 n01 r01 03 n13 r06All items available for purchase on www.inabeissner.com


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