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Holiday Essentials

One week from now, I’ll be in Greece! Everytime I go on holiday I ask myself the same questions… is my wardrobe up to date? Am I packing things I can actually wear more than once? The key to a perfect holiday wardrobe is packing essentials that you can easily mix and match and essentially create a different outfit every day with. No one wants to wear the same boring dress in all of their holiday pictures! I wish I were one of those carefree people that could just put whatever in their suitcase and somehow pull together perfect looks but since I’ve lived in Germany I’ve learned organization can be a good thing! I for one hate overpacking and then realizing that I don’t use half of the things I brought with me. And don’t get me started on beautiful yet impractical footwear choiced!

Below are some things I pulled from different shopping sites that, if money was no object, I would pack with me for my upcoming holiday to Greece! I’m so excited that I’m ‘pretend’ shopping. Never tried it? Just go to your favourite online sites and literally fill up the basket with your ridiculously priced yet amazing pieces and when the basket reaches say €20,000 just say ‘nah, don’t really need all that’ and empty the cart. No shame in that and no store assistants there to judge you! Happy shopping!

Holiday Essential Packing

Toupy T-shirt via or here, One teaspoon shorts via or here, Thierry Lasry sunnies via or here, Sam Edelman espadrilles via or here, Jets suit via or here, Charlotte Olympia bamboo clutch via or here, Zimmerman bikini via or here, Iro dress via or here, Charlotte Olympia sandals via or here, Fashion Nerds necklace via here

And now some inspiration from my Pinterest…

sand2 tropicalisimo tropicalgreece hat2 pants lace blue chanel surf crochet


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