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I have a confession. I’ve never worn these! Now the white shoe is a hot trend but before it was reserved for weddings and communions and basically the most impractical investment ever. I bought these when I was frantically planning my wedding and needed something to go with my second ‘party’ dress but I ended up never changing into them.
So back in the box they went and in my closet they’ve been sitting ever since. Until now!

Also, isn’t it funny how the Isabel Marant style can be found in practically all high street shops?! I got this very Isabel-inspired quilted jacket up at Zara even though I’m usually hesitant to buy things that are too overly copy-cat. I’m already drooling over the news that there will be an H&M collaboration in November!

11 - Kopie 5 - Kopie 7 - Kopie 2 3 - Kopie 4 - Kopie 9 - Kopie 6 - Kopie 1 - Kopie 8 - Kopie 12Wearing: Zara quilted jacket and jeans, Sandals from Manolo Blahnik, necklace H&M, Sunnies Rayban, Bag H&M, Broderie Top Lisbeth Doll

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