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The One Piece in Kefallonia

On the hottest day of the year it almost cools me off just looking at these photo’s taken on Antisamos beach in stunning Kefallonia. But let’s talk about the one piece. Over the past few years the one piece, which was more commonly associated with grandmothers and more conservative women, has gained popularity and transformed into a sexy beach essential. It also made a comeback in the 80′s with the swimwear-come-sportswear was seen on rock hard bodies that was very much the trend in the golden age of aerobics. And before that, who doesn’t remember seeing pictures of ever glamorous Princess Diana in her sporty one piece. The epitome of chic. Or Farrah Fawcett in the infamous red swimsuit that was on the walls of teenage boys around the world. Totally hot.

I’ve had this conversation so many times with many male friends who all concurred that a barely-there bikini that leaves nothing to the imagination anymore and women can be so overexposed that they might as well be nudists. don’t get me wrong, I love teeny bikini’s and I’m all for loving your body and dressing for yourself but sometimes less is not more. As in less fabric does not equate more sexy. A well done one piece on the other hand can be chic but still have allure at the same time. The one I’m wearing is more super cute than super sexy with it’s frills and acid floral pattern but it was rather refreshing to not have to worry about how my abs looked all the time! It felt like wearing a cute dress on the beach where I could just throw on a pair of shorts and voila, I’m dressed! When I bought it I remember thinking it’s what 6-year-old me would have wanted to wear and that was also part of the fun. I’ll never give up my beloved bikini’s but I’ll definitely be on the hunt for another one piece in a more classic style next because I loved wearing this one so much!
myrtos4 myrtos3myrtos1 myrtos8myrtos5 myrtos6 myrtos7Wearing: Jets by Jessica Allen one piece, Essie nails in ‘A crewed interest’

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