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The story of the jumpsuit

Here’s some summer style from Mykonos. The second outfit is actually a jumpsuit I bought on a very chic beach from one of those crazy, super tanned hippies with bags full of clothes. This particular hippie had a very bohemian vibe with tons of silver jewelry from India that jingled when he walked. I saw him dump his huge bag of clothes in front of a group of topless Italian women all in their 50′s-60′s who chimed “bellisimo” at every item he showed them. As my husband happily slept next to me and overcome by curiosity, I tiptoed over to the group to sample the hippies treasures for myself. He pulled the dresses out one by one and as they dropped one person would slowly reach out for a dress as if scared another woman would snatch it if she she was too eager to grab it. I studied this as an explorer studies an animal in their natural habitat. The women all had poker faces on and were very reluctant to say anything until they had a garment safely in their hands. We’ve all done this before. You fake indifference when really inside you’re dying to buy it and don’t want your shopping buddy to catch on to the great find. A blond women who looked like she was quite a beauty in her day crouched down and grabbed a fuchsia halter top jumpsuit in silk. She placed the item on her enormous tanned breasts and said ‘too small’. The women around her all laughed and looked down at their own generous bosoms. Another woman with beautiful beaded necklaces and a stunning Bvulgari watch points over to me and says ‘per la bella ragazza!’. So there I found myself trying on the jumpsuit that I wasn’t sure I really wanted among a group of now very excited and encouraging Italian women. ‘Bellisima!’, ‘quello bello stile’. My husband woke up to find me looking over at him and shrugging. ‘Peer pressure’ I assured him, ‘I can’t take my eyes off you for two seconds!’ he laughed. And that’s the story of the jumpsuit from India!

mm8 hotel1 hotel3 hotel4 hotel5 mm2First outffit: &other stories top, Paula Cahen D’anvers skirt, H&M pineapple bag, Escada sunnies

Second outfit: Jumpsuit from Mykonos hippie, Cotton on Hat, Escada sunnies

Third outfit: Zara top, Rayban sunglasses, Bag from Punta del Este, Havaiana flip flops, Hubbys cap, Ina Beissner earrings


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