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Polka Dot Bikini

I hope you’re not already tired of seeing pictures of ┬ábeautiful Greece because I still have so many more posts with more pictures to come! This was taken on Petani beach in Cephalonia (Kefallonia) which had beautiful rock formations on the shore. The stones were a little uncomfortable to sit on but the color of the water and the pure peace of this almost deserted beach made up for it. And no, I don’t retouch ANY of my photo’s so this is really the color of the sea! As you guessed, the sun was quite unforgiving and I rarely went out without my hat. I’m wearing a Brazilian bikini I’ve had for quite some time now and I rarely wear because I usually opt for brighter print bikinis when I go to the beach but black kind of stands out against the blue sea and of course, is eternally chic. i actually bought in in size L…can you imagine what XS must be like?! The best holiday pictures I have are when I’m wearing classic pieces that are timeless and I can put in an album without going back to it years later and saying “My god, what was I thinking!” This black polka dot bikini = absolute classic!polka1

blackbikini3 blackbikini1blackbikini4Wearing: Cotton on Hat, Escada Sunglasses, Bikini Cor de Lima

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