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Myrtos Beach Kefallonia

Those days when the wind suddenly picks up and your hair flies wildly  in the wind. The light spray of ocean mist in your face. The waves crashing loudly and violently against the rocks. Running to escape the sea from creeping up onto your beach towel. Those are my favorite beach moments, when the ocean is unpredictable, free and wild.These were taken on Myrtos, our favorite beach which we visited several times. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourselves!

Sofia_Dreikorn_Myrtos_GreeceSofia_Dreikorn_Myrtos_GreeceSofia_Dreikorn_Myrtos_GreeceSofia_Dreikorn_Myrtos_GreeceSofia_Dreikorn_Myrtos_Greece Sofia_Dreikorn_Myrtos_Greece Sofia_Dreikorn_Myrtos_Greece


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