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Potsdamer Platz

I know… I haven’t posted in a while because I’v been busy enjoying the company of my mom who’s in Berlin and showing her some of my favorite areas. It’s crazy how you can live in a city and not see it in the same eyes a traveler will. So many little details we overlook and the amazing places that we see in our daily lives that no longer amaze us and start to go unnoticed until someone else points out how unique they really are. These pictures were taken in Potsdamer Platz, a place I often walk through to get to the movie theater but up until now, never captured it on camera. It sort of makes you feel like you’re in another city, maybe even a part of New York with it’s high-rises and huge sidewalks that make me feel so small. Even more so that my ultra comfortable, oversized shirt from my hubby which I’m wearing with some converse and leather jacket. Simple but perfect city outfit for a rainy Sunday of sight seeing. Now go out and re-discover the amazing places in your city!

post2 post3post10 post1post5 post6 post9post7Wearing: Jeans Zara, Givenchy nightingale bag, Sneakers Converse, McNeal denim shirt, Watch Michael Kors

Mom Wears: Max Mara trench coat, Zara burgundy bag

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