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Isabel Marant x H&M – Look 1

I was at the gym with a friend and I remember saying to her that I wasn’t sure I would buy anything at the Isabel Marant pour H&M pre-sale event I had later that day. She turned to me and goes ” Sof, you’re so a Marant girl.” Really? Well, I wasn’t convinced I would go crazy with the collection even though I adore everything Marant does…Oh how wrong I was. The ‘Marant girls’ live and breathe it, buying up every trophy jacket, fringed leather bootie and silk skirt there is to the point where their whole look is Isabel Marant-esque. To their merit, the collection looks best when you can wear the label head-to-toe and this is where the H&M collaboration did it brilliantly. You can mix and match almost any two items from the collection and it looks fantastic so you’re more inclined to buy a whole look as opposed to one single piece. I went for pieces that I knew I could wear over and over again without it looking like “that piece from the Marant collaboration” because who wants that?! So some skirts, a dress, top, coat, earrings and the coveted white leather pants I just bought online and here I am, broke but happy! Below I bring you the gorgeous little cocktail dress as the first glimpse! I’m loving all the other blogger outfits on social media as it seems everyone has a different take on the collection so for me, it’s been the best H&M collaboration so far. What did you guys snatch up?!

isabel marant13 marant2isabel marant14 isabel marant11 isabel marant10 marant3 Wearing: Isabel Marant pour H&M silver cocktail dress and earrings

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