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A Walk in the Park

It’s pretty rare to see fog in Berlin and even more rare that I take walks in parks in the dead of winter but there’s something so romantic and eery about fog. I went well equipped with my super oversized, chunky knit sweater which I picked up in Zara and yes…also the lace up black pants. I’ve been trying to avoid Zara lately. don’t get me wrong, I love shopping there but it seems that every time I go in I end up leaving with more than one item. It’s a vicious cycle and they merchandise it so well that you suddenly find yourself saying ‘can’t have this, without that and of course it’ll look amaaazing with those” and then you leave with a complete outfit! The park was completely empty, which is pretty rare and I may be watching too much American Horror Story but I was really loving the creepy blanket of fog over this desolate park. Just please, no snow!!

walinthepark4walinthepark12 walinthepark5 walinthepark7 walinthepark9 walinthepark2 walinthepark11 walinthepark3 walinthepark8

Wearing: Zara sweater(similar here), ankle boots (similar here) and lace up jeans (similar here), Cotton On hat (similar here)

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