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Jim Thompson House

I’ve been here many times before when I lived here with my family and we had to take visitors from abroad to see some Thai culture. My mom loved this house and now as an adult I can appreciate it better than I did as a teen who didn’t care much for interior and decor. Jim Thompson was an American who fell in love with Thai silk and literally saved the Thai silk industry from extinction by introducing it to the likes of Vogue editors and European socialites. His claim to fame was the creation of the costumes for the stage play The King and I and the rest was history. He built this teak house on a Bangkok klong with boat access, where he lived, in the late 1940′s which houses a collection of Thai, Burmese, European and Chinese artifacts and furniture in a perfect symbiosis of styles. If you walk into most expats’ houses in Thailand, you’ll see the Jim Thompson influence and his way of bringing sometimes mundane Thai objects into a new light, whether it be a door from Chinatown as wall art, framed silk screens and destroyed Buddha temple statues under modern spots combined with marble floors from Italy and chandeliers from Belgium. When you go, don’t miss having lunch at the beautiful restaurant and visiting the gift shop for some gorgeous silk cushions. Everytime I look at mine, it takes me back to this perfect day.

For the day I wore a dress I bought at Chatuchak (JJ) weekend market, Jonak sandals and my trusty Missoni shades.jimthompson6 jimthompson5 photo 2 photo 3 jimthompson7 jimthompson8 jimthompson9 jimthompson10 jimthompson1 jimthompson2 jimthompson3 photo 5photo 4photo 1 (2)photo (2)My yellow silk cushionjimthompson4 bkkstreets10


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