Month: March 2014


Leather Skinnies

If you follow the blog, you know I love a good leather trouser and these babies just arrived in my closet courtesy of Witty Knitters. I’ll also share more photo’s of the super fun event I went to at their store on the Ku’Dam soon but this post is all about the perfect leather pants. […]



I don’t consider myself a rebel although I did skip school a couple of times and sneak out of the house a few others but now in my old/older age, wearing no socks at the first sign of sun feels like a true rebellious act. How things change! I spent the weekend enjoying this beautiful […]


Pilates Workout

I’ve been meaning to post this for a loooong time! I’m not a fitness freak or anything but I do like to work out at least twice a week, even if it means working out on my living room floor. My goal is more to look strong and feel energized which is something women are […]