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Pilates Workout

I’ve been meaning to post this for a loooong time! I’m not a fitness freak or anything but I do like to work out at least twice a week, even if it means working out on my living room floor. My goal is more to look strong and feel energized which is something women are really embracing now, rather than fat burning workouts to look thin and waif like. So to stay looking strong and structured I do less cardio and increase my strenght excercises. Usually I do 25 minutes running and do some weight training or I go to a Pilates class. But when I just don’t have time I go straight to Youtube to look for my Pilates videos. There are millions of fitness videos out there and I haven’t researched all of them, but one day I just stumbled across this and I was hooked! The instructor, Cassey Ho, is super spunky and energetic and she actually motivates me to do that last rep that totally kills me. Actually all the Livestrong videos on this channel are excellent workouts so I would just subscribe to add variety.The exercises are light and easy to follow (just like I like them) but also really effective. As I write this my legs are completely sore from the Dancers Legs work out! I included some of my favorites below and don’t just watch, do them! They work!!


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