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I don’t consider myself a rebel although I did skip school a couple of times and sneak out of the house a few others but now in my old/older age, wearing no socks at the first sign of sun feels like a true rebellious act. How things change! I spent the weekend enjoying this beautiful spring weather but also stalking the H&M website for those mythical over the knee suede boots that sold out in seconds…it’s funny how when something suddenly becomes unavailable you want it so much more! It’s true for many things and can be as simple as those trinkets you didn’t buy on that holiday or as complicated as exes that somehow became more desirable after breakups. They all go  under the same category: “Biggest Regrets”. And another thing, people who say they have no regrets are lying. Everyone regrets something, no matter how small (and I’m not talking about those boots anymore)! Otherwise how do we learn from our mistakes or missed opportunities without having some sense of regret?! I suppose you could say that you probably didn’t need that limited edition handbag and your ex was really a jerk. So to those beautiful boots I say, “you were the best thing I never had” and for everything else, I have plenty of things to be thankful for so I suppose, no regrets here! ;)  Hope you all had a great weekend! PS. Completely in love with my bracelets and necklace sent to me from Boutique Minimaliste, particularly my initial “S” bracelet! Never take them off!

weekendlook10 weekendlook8 weekendlook7 weekendlook4 weekendlook5 weekendlook6 weekendlook1 weekendlook3Wearing: Sandro silk top (similar here), Isabel Marant pour H&M coat (similar here), Boutique Minimaliste rings, bracelets and necklace (here), Givenchy Nightingale tote (here), Zara loafers, H&M faux leather jacket

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