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Aperol Summer Blogger Event

We were invited to join Aperol to create our own unique cocktails and try to convince summer to join us here in Berlin! It was so nice to enjoy cocktails and catch up with all the lovely German blogger girls while we learned how to spray paint from expert street artists, created our own personal scents with Frau Tonis and finally made our own signature Aperol cocktail recipes with the guys from Reingold. I absolutely loved the scent making part as I’ve been on the hunt for a personalized fragrance for a while now. I ended up with a citrus, almond and sugar scent which takes me straight into summer. I just love it when a scent can take you directly into a past memory or moment and this is exactly what the citrus hints do. I’ve shared my recipe of my cocktail with you below which you can try to impress your friends with at your next summer party. I promise you it’s good but you don’t have to take my word for it…one of the Aperol representatives said it was her favorite! ;)

_J7A1385 _J7A2287 _J7A0955_J7A0988Sofia’s Aperol Cocktail:

1 shot (4cl) Aperol

2 shots Prosecco (8cl)

Maracuja Juice (to liking)

Basil leaves (sounds wierd but totally good!)


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