Month: April 2014



It’s funny how something can become indispensable that you never thought possible. Whenever I needed to renew my sports clothes I would just randomly buy things that 1. matched and 2. looked cute. I never really worried about performance or quality until I got this set from Wellicious and I instantly fell in love.


Blue Basics

People usually consider the changing of the year as a mark for new beginnings, but for me it’s always spring, by far my favorite season. It’s about renewing the wardrobe, the leaves on trees, flowers and a renewed outlook towards the future.



It’s easy to feel happiness when you’re, for example, at the beach, with the people you love, shopping at your favorite store or on some fabulous adventure. It’s much harder to feel happy when we don’t really have reason to be. So how do we find happiness on a rainy day?


Springy Curls

My curling iron broke at the worst possible time. There I was on an island, getting ready for a beach wedding, when my curling iron decided to die on me. Panic ensued. After that I felt somewhat betrayed that I was unable to style my hair at a critical moment and I vowed never to […]