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Blue Basics

People usually consider the changing of the year as a mark for new beginnings, but for me it’s always spring, by far my favorite season. It’s about renewing the wardrobe, the leaves on trees, flowers and a renewed outlook towards the future. Suddenly I have the need to make tons of plans, cook, book travels, buy new things and throw out anything that reminds me of the old. The jungle behind me is actually a park but as you can see, Berlin is in full spring mode and I couldn’t be happier about the warmer than usual weather, especially since that means I can stop worrying about things like jackets and socks. But the really great thing is that you can also wear open toe sandals, hello pedicures! And speaking of pedicures, how do you like my new Dior nail polish, I’m obsessed! Hope you guys are enjoying the sunshine and here’s to new beginnings!

bluebasic5bluebasic8 bluebasic10 bluebasic6 bluebasic9 bluebasic1 bluebasic2bluebasic3 bluebasic4 bluebasic11Wearing: Zara shirt, Zara blue shoes, Scarosso tote, Jbrand jeans, Dior nail polish in 707 Gris Montaigne, Missoni sunglasses


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