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Perfect Imperfections

As I was putting on my foundation the other day I got to thinking about how we try so hard to hide our imperfections from the outside world instead of celebrating them. I’m not saying we should all stop wearing makeup because that would be crazy…and scary. I just think that some things that we consider flaws can be seen by others, as unique traits that set us apart from everyone else and make us beautiful. I recently bought the Kate Moss by Mario Testino coffee table book and just loved all the makeup free photo’s of Kate, just being Kate. Yes ‘Moss is Boss’ but she’s also reasonably flawed with freckles, tiny breasts, normal (non Hollywood) teeth and a slightly wonky eye. But she’s beautiful and by far, my favorite model. It’s funny how the most ‘flawed’ model of them all, had the most lasting career so far. She still produces multi-million dollar campaigns and even after her public scandal, still garners the same respect from her industry peers and the same if not more admiration from the legions of fans. You don’t see teenage girls hashtagging #crawfordisboss or #itsallaboutthemole. Somehow Moss managed to stand the test of time and is still selling out Top Shop collections to girls young enough to be her daughter.

Now back the the flaws. What is it about Miss Moss that makes her so intriguing, so alluring that we fashion aficionados still hold her up high on a pedastool? I think it’s the unique flaws, those traits that make her human, that we can relate to and make her real to us. Sure she could have gone the other way and gotten implants, porcelain verneers and spent hours at the gym to tone and refine those lanky, girl like limbs, but she didn’t. She actually spent most of her time partying and rebelling as if giving a big middle finger to the industry. As for her so-called flaws, she became known for those cat like eyes, the boyish frame, cute freckles and child like, mischievous smile. Just like Cindy Crawford became known for her mole. And there’s something so refreshing about a woman embracing her flaws. So why don’t we? I’m not going to stop toning at the gym because frankly, it makes me feel good, but can I wear less foundation and let my freckles breathe? Yes. Can I embrace my tiny breasts? Totally. Taking it even further, showing off your flaws and drawing attention to them can be really empowering. I leave you here with the beautifully imperfect (who to me is perfectly stuning!) Kate Moss for Mario Testino and hopefully it inspires you to embrace that little flaw that you’ve been hiding, that could be the beautiful thing that sets you apart from all the others.

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