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Sorry for the radio silence lately. It’s been hard to find time to post and frankly I’ve been having way to much fun in Barcelona to even turn on my computer for a second. I’m so happy here enjoying some quality time with my best friend Maria and getting to know all of her friends and favorite hangouts in Barna. I came here once but it’s a totally different experience seeing a city through someone else’s eyes and living the day to day life they live in their city.

We went to this amazing beach in the Costa Brava which is only a 20 minute ride on the train and took these pictures with my new Triangl Swimwear bikini. The trip was totally worth the train ride (we were almost completely alone on the beach) so we took full advantage of that and stayed till 7pm. What can I say about this incredible swimsuit except that I love it!! I instantly feel like a surfer chic when I put it on and lets be real, the bikini is pretty friggin’ hot! As you might already know, Triangl is known for their neoprene material which makes it super sporty but also quite original, I have to say I don’t own another bikini quite like this one. I have so many more pictures of this amazing trip that I can’t wait to share here but for now, you can follow my day to day on Instagram :) Te quiero Barcelona!!!!!!!

(special thanks to the incredible Maria for these amazing pics!)

TRIANGL4 TRIANGL5 TRIANGL2 TRIANGL7 TRIANGL3 TRIANGL6Wearing: Triangl Swimwear in Dakota Superfly (shop here), sunglasses are Barcelona brand Grey sunglasses (here)


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