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Fashion Week Mashup

I had no time to upload these during fashion week so I’m only just getting to posting this now! Here’s a little compilation of my fashion week snaps of some of the events and shows I went to. It was such a great week to get to know new designers, brands and people but most importantly to get an insight into what we’ll be wearing next spring-summer. My highlight was definitely the Vladimir Karaleev show at the Kronprinzenpalais and you can see a little video I uploaded on my Instagram too. Just loved the structured pieces in transparent mesh material with pink and blue highlights. Barre Noire was also a hot ticket with my favorite pieces being the floral structured suit, mirrored shades and cool messy braided hair. imageimageimage imageVladimir Karaleev
imageimage imagePremium Fairmichelle2Michele of Tambourine Rocks
image image Barre Noireimagembfw141mbfw14imageEva Padberg backstage at MichalskyimageRita OraIMG_3174Michalsky Stylenight


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