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Tree of Life

When I received this beautiful pendant from Madeline Accessoires it immediately spoke to me. I attach a lot of meaning to jewelry and think that each piece has a different energy to it, crazy as it may sound. This tree design pendants not only beautifully crafted but it also holds a lot of meaning to me. Trees are strong, symbols of life cycles and strong, grounded roots. Since I moved a lot since I was young I never felt I had roots in one place. I had many homes, bedrooms, friends, schools and incredible memories but never one place that I layed down roots and called ‘home’. In a way I created roots wherever I went and now with this pendant I take my roots with me wherever I go, creating new memories but keeping the old ones close by.

And now about the outfit! I wore this in Frankfurt when I went to the Skagen flagship store opening, initially I picked it out for office wear because it looks like a fun little suit but I think it also works well in any context. Wish I could have shown you more of Frankfurt but sadly i kept this visit short a but sweet. Look out for the pictures of the event in the next post!

sofia dreikorn, she comes in colors blog, bloggers germanyGraphic Grid9 Graphic Grid6 Graphic Grid11 Graphic Grid Graphic Grid5 Graphic Grid10 Graphic Grid8 Graphic Grid2 Graphic Grid12 Graphic Grid4 Graphic Grid3 Wearing: Mango top and shorts, Givenchy nightingale tote, Mango blazer, Madeleine Issing tree pendant (here), Ina Beissner Earrings, Fossil watch (here), Missoni sunglasses, Zara chelsea boots

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