Month: November 2014


Bangkok Shopping

There’s so many places to shop in Thailand and theres so much new talent to discover, it’s absolutely impossible to see it all in one trip. Bangkok has a very Mall orientated shopping culture because of the intense heat but it’s also a city that has become one of the number one shopping destinations in […]

The Little Black Bikini

There’s the LBD and the Little Black Jacket but has anyone ever told you the Black Bikini is also a wardrobe staple? Most people would argue it’s the white bikini because it makes the tan pop, but I would say the black bikini is a staple in its own right for it’s versatility and glamour without […]


Back To Winter

Back in Berlin and back to winter basics! And yes, I am quite tanned! Before I left for Thailand I received an package from Urban Outfitters Germany with a full winter look to get me through the winter months. While my mind was firmly in summer, I have to say I was looking forward to […]


Somewhere in Berlin

While I edit all my holiday photos from Thailand, here are some pictures taken by the lovely Andreas Pfohl in Berlin. I’m slowly getting back into the rhythm of wearing winter clothes again and these pictures actually put me in that kind of mood! I don’t know if I’ll be wearing skirts anymore but I’m still […]



Beware! There’s a lot of attitude in these photos. We shot them with Ana Daki in her Berlin studio I just love how  they turned out. Particularly the first shot shows a different side of me that I’m not used to showing as I’m usually smiling in all my photo’s!