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Beware! There’s a lot of attitude in these photos. We shot them with Ana Daki in her Berlin studio I just love how ¬†they turned out. Particularly the first shot shows a different side of me that I’m not used to showing as I’m usually smiling in all my photo’s! I think everyone, even the super sweet saccharine girls, have this darker side to them which is not necessarily a bad thing and as I believe in the balance of things. You can’t appreciate the sweet without the sour, or the good without the bad. Now back to my holiday :)

sofia dreikorn, she comes in colours blog, silk robe, zara leather pants, cream leather pants silkrobe1 silkrobe4 silkrobe3 silkrobe2Wearing: Zara leather trousers, JJDR House of Bijoux cage cuff (here), Silk robe borrowed from Anna Daki

All photography by Anna Daki

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