Month: December 2014


Thailand Photo Diary

As you might know we attended a beautiful indian wedding in Thailand together with my husband and a ton of close high school friends. We also had a few days at the beach where we were able to enjoy the most beautiful parts of Thailand. These are some of the images that I put together […]


Sensilis Skincare

Taking care of your skin in the harsh winter months is so important that I always find myself looking for ways to keep my skin hydrated but also to prevent fine lines of course that come with age. I’m lucky enough that my skin is in pretty good shape but it’s always good to renew […]


White Cocoon Coat

I always thought white was strictly a summer shade and also a little high maintenence for a coat but this cocoon number really works perfectly for winter wear. I think the trick to wearing white in winter is to pair it with darker shades unless you’re doing the ‘all white everything’ look which is a […]

Overknee Love

I’ve been wanting overknee boots for the longest time but since I was looking for that perfect pair I ended up buying and returning 3 different pairs until I found these. Of course I went through all the major brands


All Wrapped Up

If I’m honest, I’m not much for cold winter weather at all and I’m just counting the days until my warm Christmas holiday back home. This year I’m headed to Paraguay, where my parents are currently living and a surprise little trip for New Years which happens to be a one of the naturals wonders […]

Christmas Pavlova

I’ve been unable to post any winter outfits in general because of the horribly cold, cloudy weather so I decided to cook something up and share it with you! It’s something I make when I’m craving something sweet or I have last minute guests as this is super easy to make. Literally takes like 20 […]


Indian Sari

Winter is such a hard time for blogging with the lack of daylight hours and the numbing cold making outfit pictures next to impossible so I’m pretty happy I still have quite a few posts still to publish from my time in Bangkok. If you remember, we were there with my husband for the wedding […]