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Indian Sari

Winter is such a hard time for blogging with the lack of daylight hours and the numbing cold making outfit pictures next to impossible so I’m pretty happy I still have quite a few posts still to publish from my time in Bangkok. If you remember, we were there with my husband for the wedding our our friends Aman and Punan who invited us to share in their incredible one week celebration. I wore some truly amazing sari’s and this was one of them for the actual temple wedding.

A little background: this is actually not a sari, it’s called a Shalwar Kameez as it includes comfy pyjama pants worn underneath and unike a saree, it’s already custom fit. A traditional Saree is wrapped around your body and pinned into place and depending on the amount of beading, can be quite heavy. This Shalwar was what I wore to the temple wedding where we all wore pink while the bride and groom wore white. It was a beautiful event, made all the more special by all of the cultural details and of course re-uniting with our old high school friends.

The henna was done on me at the ‘Mehndi’ which is basically the ceremony for the bride and her friends to have a lady gathering and sing and chant while they get prepared for the big day. Hope you enjoy the little peek into this amazing wedding and stay tuned for more to come!

shalwar kameez, henna, indian wedding, she comes in colors blog IMG_4955IMG_4956 IMG_5004 IMG_4970IMG_4960 All Photo’s by Sumeet Gurbani



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