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Christmas Pavlova

I’ve been unable to post any winter outfits in general because of the horribly cold, cloudy weather so I decided to cook something up and share it with you! It’s something I make when I’m craving something sweet or I have last minute guests as this is super easy to make. Literally takes like 20 minutes but makes a big impression on guests… and my French mother in law loves it so that should be enough to tempt you to try it!

You will need:

2 Large Egg Whites, 1/2 Cup caster sugar, 1/2 tsp salt,  1 tsp white Vinegar, 200 mg Cream for whipping, 1 Pomegranate and decoration of your choice

1. Whip 2 egg whites with wire wisk at high speed. Add Sugar gradually. Add Salt and Vinegar. When it peaks, place on baking paper in oven for 23-30 min on medium level.

2. Whip cream until it peaks, and add tbsp sugar if you prefer it slightly sweet. I also like to add a few drops of Vanilla essence but its optional

3. Remove merengue from oven, should be slightly on the beige side. Let cool for before applying toppings! Decorate with seasonal fruit. I usually like tart fruits to counter the super sweetness of the merengue!

Et Voila!  Hope you enjoy your cold winter weekend with this sweet treat!


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