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Leo Love


I know it’s not spring yet, actually we’re pretty far from it, but I couldn’t help update my hair with this cute spring bob. I feel so much lighter now and it’s so much easier to style, it was a the best decision. If you live in Berlin and you need color or a haircut, you need to go to Shift Friseur on Grolmanstrasse, it’s just the best. You guys probably thought from all the summer posting that I was never going to post winter looks again, but actually I’ve just been too busy and too cold to shoot anything. But that’s no excuse so I quickly snapped this look over the weekend right after my cut, where the sun made a short appearance. Next week is fashion week and although I’m working, I’ll be at a few fun events where I’ll share some more winter outfit inspiration for you guys.

IMG_6927 IMG_6921 IMG_6936 IMG_6944 IMG_6954 IMG_6940 IMG_6923 IMG_6937 IMG_6924 IMG_6919Wearing: Express leopard coat, Witty Knitters leather pants, Mango sweater, Givenchy nightingale bag, Zara boots, Ina Beissner ring

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