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I’m so proud and excited to finally show you the new blog layout! I’ve been blogging for a while now and I can stay it takes a lot of TIME. Time to build an audience, to meet good quality partners but most of all, writing, shooting, editing, styling, linking all takes a lot of time! So I’m very happy for this new step with a new agency supporting me along the way who helped make this new page possible and for so many new projects for this year… one very VERY big one revealed in the rest of this post! ;) I’ve always maintaned the page while I worked in my chosen field of Marketing for different companies over time and while most employers have been very supportive of the blog (because of the increasing importance of social media) some don’t really realize the amount of time and dedication this actually takes. I’ve never been 100% dedicated to this since I’ve always maintained my professional career in paralell, but now I can say with certainty that I’ll be able to dedicate most of my time to this and another dream of mine. Now I’m working with a new blogger agency, Fab4Media which makes things a lot easier to manage and I’m super excited for whats to come!

I’ve been wanting to share this for quite some time but have never really known if the time was right. I’m starting a new venture with my husband which is a very long time coming (like a year and a half!) and now we’re ready to take the major steps to make it official! We’ve started our own swimwear brand official as of this month! The ink isn’t yet dry on everything but the designs and prints are slowly coming together and the brand is taking shape so fast before my eyes! I’m like a ball of emotion right now! Excitement, nervousness, happiness and a little bit of fear of course! I’ll definitely be sharing the swimwear here and I’m excited to see what you guys think!

These photo’s were taken by the lovely Christian of Styleograph on a coffee run n the cold prenzlauer berg! You can see his post on it here and make sure you check out all his other snaps of fashion weeks around the world!


sofia_grau_dreikorn_002 sofia_grau_dreikorn_003 sofia_grau_dreikorn_010 sofia_grau_dreikorn_014 sofia_grau_dreikorn_008 sofia_grau_dreikorn_012 sofia_grau_dreikorn_007 sofia_grau_dreikorn_013(1) sofia_grau_dreikorn_017 sofia_grau_dreikorn_004 sofia_grau_dreikorn_016 sofia_grau_dreikorn_015

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