Month: February 2015



You wouldn’t know by reading my blog that I’m back in cold Berlin! The sun hasn’t come out in weeks, quite literally, so I haven’t been able to shoot any new looks and my outfits have consisted mainly of puffy parkas and crazy windswept hair. Not the kind of look that I want to immortalize […]


Denim on Denim

These pictures were taken where my parents live in Paraguay, surrounded by lush greenery and everywhere you look ripe mangos covering the floor. It’s safe to say I had an amazing time with them just plain relaxing. There’s not tv in my room and I spend most of my time avoiding my computer, reading books, […]


Moeva Bikini

The lush jungle of northern Argentina is where we spent new years with the family to see the breathtaking IguazĂș waterfalls which are also a Unesco heritage site. We stayed at the incredible Loi Suites which were nestled amongst a green jungle, perfect for relaxing in the sun with the sound of exotic birds and […]


New Year, New Dress

Its so nice to start off the new year with a tan, a smile and a fresh outlook. I spent the holiday season with my faimly in Paraguay just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful tropical scenery, eating and talking. I’ve been a little absent from the blog because of this but I have some great […]