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Spring Beauty Routine

I’m no skincare expert but I have learned over time what works for me and my skintype and some small rituals that keep my skin supple and healthy. For me, the most important, and most annoying as well is keeping my skin super clean by making sure all my make up comes off at night and washing it with a mild cleanser after to make sure all the residue from the make up removier comes off. This is particualrly important for me to avoid breakouts as my skin tends to be quite sensitive.

To clean I use this small white brush in a circular motion togethe with a milk cleanser. Right now I’m obsessed with Sensilis cleansing oil. It sounds wierd to cleanse your skin with oil but this quickly turns onto a milky substance when you spash water on and it all just washes off. Your skin feels super clean but not overly dry either which I hate.

After cleansing (when I have time) I usually follow with a toner like Dior’s. In the evenings I use Khiels skin rescue serum. I just add three drops to my finger tips and breathe in the essential lavender oils and tap onto my face with my finger tips. Then I use my favorite, the Khiels Ultra Facial Cream. I swear by this cream. I’ve tried everything when it comes to skincare creams from Estee Lauder, La Mer, Clinique, Dior, Chanel but this one is the only one that really keeps my skin hudrated and doesn’t make me sensitive skin break out. Even though it has no anti-aging properties, I feel having your skin moisturized is the best way to beat early signs of ageing. I could be wrong but this is working for me so far!

Being South American, I love having an all year round tan but when I go a long time without sun, I resort to artificial methods… at home spray tans can be a bit daunting at first but St Tropez foam applied with an applicator mit is a really nice way to get a natural glow (not orange!) and exfoliate at the same time.

It’s also super important to have moisturized skin all over, so after every shower I apply all over body mositurizer like this one from Sabon. I also love their scented soaps and their lovely packaging is an added plus! Their hand creams never leave my handbag, which brings me to my next point. Treat your hands like your face. Your face may be the first thing people see but your hands come in a close second. Exfoliate them with soft scrubs, moisturize ever time you wash them and keep your cuticles healthy and tidy. Even if you don’t have time to have manicures, keeping the hands helathy is an absolute must!

Hair is also pretty important and if you read my little article on Grazia you would know that I’m a little obsessed with dry shampoo, specifically from Batista. It’s really great for added volume and making your blowout last a little longer between washes.

As for make up… I like to keep it simple but two essentials in my bag are always concealer, I like Benefits Fake-Up and at the moment lipgloss with some color. It’s better if its nude but I also love a little color like this Dior one in color Dynasty. I sometimes go for lash extensions but when I’m going natural I use Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara in black for that added lenght.

Everyone’s skincare needs are different but these are my tips. Of course I try to excercise twice a week as well to get all the toxins out and lately the Tiny Tea and Skin Magic tea from Teatox is helping my skin out as well to get that extra glow factor. Would love to hear some of your skin routine tips too!

IMG_7183 IMG_7187 IMG_7199 IMG_7203Products: Sabon Hand cream (here), Hand Soap (here), Body Lotion (here), Sensilis facial cleansing oil (here), Narciso Rodriguez perfume (here), Dior Lipgloss In Dynasty (here), Benefit Concealer (here), St Tropez tanning mousse (here), Khiels Ultra Moisturizer (here) Khiels Midnight recovery Concentrate (here), Batista dry Shampoo (here)


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