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La Mamounia

What I love about traveling is that I’m constantly surprised by what I see and there’s always something new to discover. For our stay in Marrakech we had the privelege to stay in the famed La Mamounia hotel which in itself is a reason to visit the city. As one of the ‘Leading Hotels of the World’ group the stunning Art Deco-meets-Moorish Moroccan decor and architecture just takes your breath away from the palacial indoor pool to the mosiac work on almost every corner of the hotel.

The historic hotel opened has been visited by the likes of Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, and used as the backdrop of Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘The man who knew too much’ for my younger reader’s who probably haven’t seen that, in recent times the hotel hosted the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker for the filming of Sex and the City 2.

On our first day there we were greeted at the airport and driven to the hotel in a fabulous Jaguar. There we had a tour of the hotel and settled into one of their truly inspiring Executive Suites overlooking their lush gardens. One quick glance to my Instagram and I could see I was in good company, Chiara Ferrangi was there on her #theblondesaladgoestomorocco trip! Luck would have it that also Shay Mitchels from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ was also there and I ran into both girls constantly in the Souks and at the beautiful poolside breakfast of the hotel.

The first impression I took of La Mamounia was that besides the imposing entrance, each room of the lobby was impermeated with a different scent. And that date-orange blossom scent, we were later told was tailor made for the hotel by one of the most famous perfumiers of the world and it’s also used for their tailor made bathroom products. For me, it’s these little things that set this hotel apart from any other luxury hotel.

That night we were invited to try the hotel’s Moroccan restaurant, an old house on the grounds turned into a riad style restaurant, which was one of the highlights of my trip I have to say! Situated in the hotel gardens, the candle lit restaurant boasts of private rooms for each table and we were serenaded by traditional Moroccan music.

Each evening, when we returned the the sanctuary of our hotel, we found little treats waiting for us in our room and fresh flowers from the garden. The hotel is set upon royal gardens which feature their own orange and olive groves many of which are hundreds of years old and I mentioned in the earlier post, you could smell the orange blossoms in the air all around the city and the hotel as we were right on time for the blossom season.

Mornings were my favorite part when we could sit on the balcony overlooking the gardens and see a faint sillouette of the Atlas Mountais and hear morning prayers in the distance. Moments I’ll never forget.

Marrakech was the number one destination on our list when we first got married and made our list of places we wanted to visit. It’s only a short plane ride away from Berlin so we decided to go there to get some inspiration and rest before launching our swimwear line this year. As I write this I’m actually placing factory orders so you can imagine how insane it’s been for me lately with work, blogging and travelling! I’m so appreciative to have been able to experience this magical city but even more so to have stayed in such an inspiring hotel that went above and beyond my expectations. A huge thank you to La Mamounia and their attentive staff for this truly unforgettable stay…we’ll be back!

PS.I have quite a few more posts left from this magical trip and La Mamounia so stay tuned!

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  1. Tini says

    Absolutely breathtaking! What a wonderful hotel, and what a magical city.

  2. jerome says

    Hola Sofia
    resofisticado tu pagina web. Congrats. Susana y Jerome

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