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Hydra Print Bikini

As you might know I’m slightly obsessed with swimwear so when this Zimmermann bikini went on sale on Net-a-Porter, it just had to be mine! Since my beach holidays will be a little later this summer, I wore it to lounge around the beautiful indoor spa of La Mamounia.

Right now I’m working so hard on my own swimwear line that I can’t wait till the day when I wear nothing but my own designs! It’s so hard to find good swimwear in Germany so I usually resort to buying mine online from either Asos or Net-a-Porter but I really wish there were more options in terms of international brands. I like to buy all my swimwear in South America so my collection will be a reflection of that aesthetic that I like so much. Get excited beause it’s going to be great! The designs have turned out amazing and now I’m just waiting for the favtory to do the magic! I’m so excited to show you guys thefinished result… hope you’re just as excited as I am to see it! xx

Zimmerman _Hydra Zimmerman _Hydra Zimmerman _Hydra Zimmerman _Hydra hydraZimmerman _Hydra Zimmerman _Hydra IMG_8078 Zimmerman _Hydra

Wearing: Zimmermann bikini in Hydra Print (similar here)

I really love halter bikini styles so below are some great styles for you to try out. That yellow halter bikini from Zimmermann also looks incredible!



  1. I definitely look forward to seeing your own designs! Let me know once they’re available and I will feature them on my blog (Switzerland) XX, Melanie

    • Sofia says

      I will let you know! I’ll be keeping you updated on the blog and on Instagram so my followers will be the first to know and I would be thrilled if you feautured it on your blog as well! xx Sofia

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