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My Eclectic Interior Style

Welcome to my home! I’ve featured corners of my Berlin apartment a lot on Instagram but never really here on the blog. The feel of the apartment is definitely eclectic; a collection of things I’ve gathered on travels, markets and from living in different places. You might know that both my husband and I grew up mostly in Asia so we have a lot of things from the places we’ve collectively lived in like Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and from Europe France, UK, Germany and of course some things I brought from Argentina as well. When we moved to Berlin we didn’t have that much actual furniture because we had a furnished flat in London. He inherited a house from his German grandmother, fully furnished which was basically a time capsule back to the 50′s and 60′s. Sadly we couldn’t take all of the things but I managed to salvage some wooden office chairs, a Danish mid century green sofa (very Mad Men) with two upholstered chairs and my beloved french comode which I painted light grey in an attack of DIY home improvement projects.

I love antique markets and there’s so many in Berlin so I started slowly collecting precious objects over the 6 years I’ve been here. My prized possesion? The silver floor lamp with the original marble base (not a new replica) which I got for 80€. While me and my best friend Jeff were waiting for a taxi I had 3 people come up and offer me more money for it, but I couldn’t part with it!

And that’s just an example of why my most treasured pieces are definitely not the most expensive rather they’re the one’s with the best memories attached. My worn out wooden trunk-coffee table with rusted brass details? A gift from my old boss from London. We had it at the office and he decided to let me keep it. His wife had bid on it at an auction in the Hamptons and now it sits in my living room in Germany! I even kept the little paper stamp with its lot number on it as a reminder. A new memory is the Beni Ourrain rug that we got on our recent trip to Marrakech in the souks. The haggling for price alone and sharing a tea with the owner after the purchase is a keepsake memory in itself.

Then we have some artwork which are actually lithographies from Minause, a french painter, a photograph I bought at the V&A in London of 20′S actress Gloria Swanson and my beloved Slim Aarons prints which take me straight into holiday mode with the cool blue swiming pool scenes.

My decor is definitely an east meets west with no real defined color scheme or plan, kind of like my life sometimes! I like to play with yellow accents to compliment light blue and turquoise hues mostly but I also match it up with punchy orange or a bouquet of pink flowers to mix it up.

I love being surrounded by beautiful objects that remind me of moments and take me back to different times in my life and that’s probably why I like being home so much! I’m always changing it up and recently we placed my husband’s Korean wedding chest in a corner which kind of aged the decor slightly with the dark wood but now I’ve learned how to modernize it a bit with some Bose Concept vases I got for my birthday and a 60′s crystal lamp I got at a market. It’s all about balance and somehow it works for me. I suggested a few items to add to your home which I also love and are similar to mine but no two homes are the same so make sure you hit the antiques markets and invest in some quality pieces.

All Photo’s by: Andreas Pohl

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Slim aarons pool party print (here), Slim aarons lake Tahoe print (here), Yellow Silk cushion from Jim Thomson (here), Buddha’s (similar here ), White ceramic vase with roses from Zara Home (here), Pink and silver vases from Bo Concept , Picture frames from Beccara, Ben Ourrain rug from Marrakech (similar here), Morrocan candles (here)


I’m wearing: H&M crochet dress, &otherstories shoes, Bimba y Lola Earrings



  1. Tini says

    Speaking of memories, this post just brought them all up! Love the decor style, love how it is a patchwork of amazing life experiences. I can’t wait to see more including the kitchen and oh, of course, the amazing bathroom!!

    • Sofia says

      Good idea with the kitchen and bathroom ;) You’re welcome at casa Dreikorn any time so we can make new memories! besote xx

  2. Piriya says

    I LOVE your style Sof! Your apartment and You are beautiful! Will you be my interior decorator? I love youuu!!!

    • Sofia says

      Pam my love, you’re too sweet!! Next time I’m in SA I will have to stop by your beautiful Rio apartment but from what I can see, you don’t need my help decorating ;)! love you tooo!! xoxo

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