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What’s in Your Chia

So we all love to post pictures and make chia creations on Instagram, but what’s the hype about?

This is what I discovered when I did some research. I actually fist saw chia when I visited my parents in Paraguay and saw my dad drinking it in his juice (I know, so hip right?!) What I didn’t know is that chia is a staple of the region and in grows in abundance there and has done so for many centuries, yes centuries! There’s actually yogurts in the super market with chia instead of granola, you know those prepared yogurt snacks? So I stocked up on chia at my local Bio market (it’s around 7€ but it lasts a long time) and started to experiment.

So what the hell is chia?!

It’s a small seed that grows mainly in South America which contains a high amount of Omega3, protien, antioxidants, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B, Zinc…basically a super seed!

It was one of the staple foods of the aztecs and the source plant, salvia hispanica is part of the mint family. But why is it popular now? Suddenly people are putting chia in EVERYTHING and all these new creative recipes have come up to make it more exciting. It has no taste so it can be mixed with salty or sweet food but I prefer to keep it sweet. When you put it in water it absorbs the liquid and creates a gelatin like substance so it can also be used to thicken up soups and stews. In milk (how I like it) it creates a tapioca pudding like substance.

The benefits: It has a huge amount of Omega 3 and it’s said to help with weight loss because it fills you up but I don’t really trust this statement. The vitamins sure help keep your energy levels high and they can also be used to help regulate blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It also has a lot of Vitamin E which we all know is great for the skin and the antioxidants can help keep wrinkles away!

I’ve been posting a few pictures of my breakfast chia for a while now and noticed that a lot of you were interested in how I make it. I avoid dairy so this is my dairy free, gluten free version of a chia parfait you can try yourself. It’s such an easy quickie breakfast that’s also super healthy!

Chia Pudding Breakfast Parfait:

1. The night before I grab two glasses and put two spoonfulls of chia seeds in each (about 50 grams) and add soya milk (about 3 fingers high) with a little bit of honey to sweeten it. If I have it available I mix in a little bit of coconut cream, it makes it soooo delicious!

2. I stir it about 10 minutes after I put it in the fridge so it doesn’t go clumpy

3. In the morning I add a bit of gluten free cereal (I like the one from Nature’s Way)

4. Add soya yogurt or normal yogurt. I just don’t like the pudding on its own but this is optional!

5. Add fruits of your liking! My favorite is strawberries, blueberries, bananas and I squeeze some passion fruit to make it tangy. It also looks amazing…yes, even instagram worthy. Hope you try this, its so super easy and good for you!CHIA Seed Parfait

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  1. RaquelLascanoraquel says

    se ve como un magnifico desayuno! lo voy a ensayar!!!

    • Sofia says

      Es riquisimo y te llena de energia! Que bueno que lo vas a probar, seguro que en Argentina hay monton de chia! besos!

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