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Fake Tan Like a Pro!

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Summer is here and with it comes and endless amount wardrobe choices to show off a little more skin, mainly: LEGS! But what if your super white skin is stealing all the attention?

It’s pretty obvious that summer colors look better on bronzed skin but not all of us can escape to Barbados every year to get that sought after deep tan, you know the one that glows and is perfectly even, down to your little toes? But before we slip into our slinky summer dresses and super short mini’s, let’s take a moment to go over the fake tan basics that will have your friends going ‘How was the Maldives?!’

I’ve been using fake tan for a looooong time. My skin tends to be slightly olive so when I get too white it looks well, ash beige. It’s not pretty. So to remedy this I used to fake the tan with self tanners. I hate to admit it but sometimes I also visited the tanning bed (don’t do it!) While it did give me the tan I wanted, I started getting very freckly which I don’ like. I can remember the time I went too far into the dark side, right before my wedding and when I put on that white gown, I looked like Carribbean Barbie Bride – not a good look my friends! In hindsight, it wasn’t tooo bad but I should have realized the white gown just made it more intense. In Argentina we tan like its the 80′s – the darker the better which is something that’s only starting to change now where the fashion is to just have a light summer glow. Also, wrinkles are a real thing people so be careful with the sun and wear SPF 30 minimum!

So this is what I do now to get a perfect faux glow before an event or when I just want to give myself a confidence boost. After all, a tan can make you seem slimmer, more polished and hide imperfections ;)

Insider tip: Even if you’re going to the beach in a weeks time, a little help from self tan before your holiday will give you some needed confidence to wear those summer brights before your natural tan kicks in…

So here’s my tried and tested tips to fake tan like a pro!

1. Exfoliate: You’ve heard this so many times I can imagine but it’s important to get that even tan and also for the product to properly absorb. I use scrubs regularly and I love this one from Sabon (here) but make sure you wash off all the oiliness so the tan goes on smoothly later. An exfoliating mit is your best bet to use right before application.

2. Moisturize your knees, elbows, feet and face. You don’t want the product to go too dark here and moisturizing it will prevent it from getting too deep. Make sure the moisturizer is oil-free.

3. Choose the right product: This is tricky… I swear by St. Tropez mousse which I’ve used for many years in a dark tone. I usually find this in Douglas and sometimes I only find the spray but TK maxx stocks it occasionaly. I apply the mousse on a foam tanning mit and then spread evenly everywhere. Even the face sometimes but I don’t recommend this is you’re very white! I’ve also used the Garnier spray tan which you can find at DM here in germany. It’s slightly more orange tinge which I don’t like but it’s better for use on the face since it’s less intense. The St Tropez tan has a much better color and it doesn’t leave that ‘wet towel’ smell on you body!

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4.  Second application: If you’re not happy with the tone, go for a second coat. Like a second coat of nailpolish, the second coat can give the tan a more even look and smooth out any imperfections or streakiness.

5. Streak correction: You can by the streak correction wipes or you can use a combination of lemon juice and baking soda to wipe out any imperfections. If you have crazy tiger stripes going on, try exfoliating the area and moisturizing. More on that in this super helful article here.

6. When I’m on the beach I always wear SPF but sometimes I need to kickstart my tan and I use coconut oil like this one from Saint Barths but I also use it to moisturize all summer long because that coconut smell just takes me straight into summer mode!

7. DO NOT spray tan before a major event. This is a cardinal rule of any first-time beauty tries and it’s no different for self tanners. Even though it’s not permanent, it’s very hard to correct a fake tan gone wrong so don’t try this before a wedding or any major event where you will surely be photographed.

8. Do not use you bare hands to rub it in. This will leave the palms of your hands very orange, a tell tale sign of a fake tan and no one needs to know that your tan really came from a bottle. Instead use a foam mit like the one’s from St. Tropez which will also absorb and product build up.

Enjoy your sun in a bottle tans ladies, you know what they say… Fake it till you make it am I right ;)


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