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Lace Up Heels X Ripped Jeans

I absolutely love a good heel and especially of the lace up variety, but I’m going to be totally honest and say that this heel is slightly too high for me. Why am I telling you this if I’m at the same time recomending them to you? When I find a heel too uncomfortably high for the cobbled streets to Berlin, I do what I’ve always done. I find a good shoe repair (every girl should know one) and I have the heel shaved down. It’s a pretty easy procedure which I plan to have done to these because I absolutely love the style but I also don’t want to suffer for the sake of fashion!

Another thing about this look is that I’m repurposing a few things from last season, and there’s no shame in that! I know that you expect tos ee new things on blogs all the time but I also like to re-wear my favorite pieces from time to time. Fashion isn’t always about having something brand new, it can also be about making an outfit seem brand new by mixing the old with the new to give it a re-fresh. Here my jeans are old and so is the boho clutch which I bring out every summer.

Another thing that’s new here besides the shoes is my hair in this half up pony tail. I always wear my hair down like a safety blanket that frames my face but the half up bun allows me to have the best of both worlds. A perfect compromise if you ask me! I used my new EIMI products which I got at the Wella workshop in Frankfurt recently which you may have seen on my snapchat and Instagram or in this Grazia article. I’m super in love with the BB cream which gives a very light hold to my hair while also leaving it super soft. I spritz on the sugar lift as well for that added volume which I love.

I have a pretty exciting few weeks ahead of me and I hope you’re all as excited as I am about my swimwear line SCIC Swimwear. We’re so close to starting with the photo shoot and I’ve already seen the first samples… It’s so crazy when dreams start to become reality you and you realize how far you’ve come. I don’t want to get too cheezy here but thanks to all of you who have been on this journey so far and been so supportive! ;)

Hope you enjoy your weekend lovelies! xx

IMG_1225 IMG_1198 IMG_1223 IMG_1231 IMG_1207 (1) IMG_1250 IMG_1283 IMG_1221 IMG_1214 IMG_1229 Clutch: Zara (Similar here), Lace up heels: Asos (here) Jeans: Zara (here), Vest: Zara (same here), Top: COS (similar on Sale here), Ring and bangle: Madeline Issing (here), Ring Chain bracelet: Forever 21 (here), Hair products: EIMI Wella Sugaring Spray here, Sunglasses: Rayban: here




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