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SCIC Swimwear – Laeilia One Piece

So FINALLY I can show you guys the first look from SCIC Swimwear! I’m beyond excited about the official online shop launch which will be announced on the Instagram page SCIC_Swimwear later on.

So I’m very proud to show you guys the first look of the ‘Laeilia’ one piece on Miami beach. It’s still a sample at the moment with a few little tweaks that need to be made for the final production but I can say that I really love the buttery soft feeling of the fabric and the general cut. The bottoms are all a little cheeky and all of the styles are seamless meaning that it doesn’t cut into your skin which was an important design factor for me. I really was happy with the overall feeling of freedom wearing this style, like a second skin. I can’t wait for the launch of the online shop where there will be pre-order available for all styles and of course, special prommotions for readers of the blog!

Special thanks to Christina Maring for all of the support in Miami during Swim Week and of course to all of you for all the love and support you showered me with on Instagram! xx

IMG_2260 IMG_2303 IMG_2291 IMG_2310 IMG_2236 IMG_2264 IMG_2283


  1. sooooo pretty! cannot wait for all the styles, the online shop and to klick on the ‘order’ button :D

  2. Birte says

    I love this style! So looking forward to seeing the whole collection and to finally order it!!!!

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