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Miami Heat – Sophia Webster Pumps

Right before the Mara Hoffman show we shot this look outside our hotel in the most intense heat I can remember since living in Thailand. The shoe’s are my new Sophia Webster court shoes which I got at Intermix for a steal! Christina spotted them first, but asked me to try them on since they didn’t have her size and I admit, I wasn’t that taken by them until I tried them on. They’re so beautifully crafted and I love the little details like the flourescent heel, the embroidered leo pattern and the iridescent lining of the insole.

A few hours after buying them, I decided to wear them to  a girls dinner at Juvia , a really cool rooftop restaurant for dinner with Christina, Nina and a friend of hers. I was thinking that it was safe to wear heels in Miami (as opposed to the cobbled streets Germany) until my heel got stuck between the wooden planks of their rooftop bar. Panic ensued. I pulled the heel out, trying to keep my cool and laughing it off as a diner next to me said ‘Nice shoes! Let me give you a hand’.  But it was too late, the little orange heel had come off and was caught in the cracks of the floorboards. Keep in mind this is in the MIDDLE of the restaurant, people are now watching me as the restaurant manager comes with a flashlight to see what he can do. ‘I can’t replace it because it’s orange’ I say to Christina. Christina is heartbroken, we both got the same shoes and were so excited about the great find. A handy man show’s up with a swiss army knife and they get to work for what seems like an eternity. I’m clearly ruining the date of the people next to all the action so I apologize profusely. Some diners come to see what’s going on and seem to think I lost jewelry down there ‘It’s my heel actually’ I say to one of them and realize it must seem like I’m a crazy person. There is literally a small crowd hovering over the floorboards and clammoring to see what’s happening and I am MORTIFIED. I chat with a waitress who’s now part of the search party who whispers ‘I told them to get pliers. Men don’t listen, it’s all about heroics’ in her charming southern twang. Finally, I call off the search and the restaurant manager gives me his card and promises to retrieve it tomorrow, ‘this happens all the time’ he says.

This story has a happy ending though. In the beautiful Sophia Webster box there were two heel replacements… I never even considered it because not all designer shoe’s come with replacements! I was able to just whack it back on myself and wear it for the rest of the week! I called the restaurant manager and he couldn’t have been more lovely about it. I love Miami folk!

It’s safe to say that I’m bessoted with the shoes, maybe it was the whole drama surrounding it but I also love the quirky details the brand has, like it has a great sense of humor.

Thanks again to lovely Christina, for helping me find my new lucky shoe’s and for the pictures below!

Sophia Webster_MIami Swim Week Sophia Webster_MIami Swim Week Sophia Webster_MIami Swim Week Sophia Webster_MIami Swim Week Sophia Webster_MIami Swim Week Sophia Webster_MIami Swim Week Sophia Webster_MIami Swim Week swimSophia Webster_MIami Swim Week-week-street-style-14.0 Sophia Webster_MIami Swim Week

Wearing: Zara Dress similar (here),  Sophia Webster Izzy 90 court shoes (here), Sunglasses Miu Miu, Clutch Lancel


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