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Miami Beach – White One Piece

I’ve always considered full bathing suits to have more sex appeal than itty-bitty bikini’s, there’s something about being more covered up that makes it more sensual. In Miami where showing as much skin as possible will never go out of style, I was suprised to get asked not once but twice about this white Asos swimsuit. I mostly wore my own brand and also got asked about those by a group of gorgeous college girls but this one also got a lot of attention as well, most probably because I was the only one on the beach under 80 wearing a full suit! In Europe it’s more of a thing now to embrace the swimsuit but I guess on Miami beach it was a little bit of a novelty.

I want to touch on the topic of imperfections on the beach. So many of our insecurities and flaws are exposed on the beach: freckles, stretch marks, celullite and the occasional errant hair you didn’t see on your leg. I went to quite a few shows during fashion week and I can tell you right now, those models up there are no different than us. I was so happy to see that the fuller figure is definitely in and I also saw some celullite and stretch marks on them as well which was more than alittle refreshing. We women work so hard to look beautiful, let’s be a little less harsh on ourselves and just enjoy our bodies because no one’s perfect and perfect is boring.

IMG_2095IMG_2084 IMG_2056 IMG_2080 IMG_2106 IMG_2076 IMG_2089 IMG_2064 IMG_2063

Swimsuit: Asos (here), Hat: Lack of Color (here), Necklace: Boutique Minimaliste (here), Sunglasses: Miu Miu



  1. Ich bin dieses Jahr auch ein Riesenfan von Badeanzügen! Witzig, als Kind fand man die Dinger noch so schrecklich – jetzt sind sie wieder mega hip! Gibt aber auch zu viele tolle Modelle :) Ich habe mir erstmal einen mit Palmendruck zugelegt, deinen finde ich aber auch richtig klasse. Die Bilder sind außerdem wunderhübsch geworden!

    XX aus Nürnberg
    Want Get Repeat

    • Sofia says

      Thank you so much Jecky, I’m also so in love with full suits! xxx Sofia

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