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Red Maje Dress

Red. A color that I always avoided and now I love. It’s funny how those things change over time, you think something doesn’t suit you and then you find yourself unexplicably drawn to it. It kind of happened to me with culottes this year as well. I distinctly remember expressing my disdain for anyone who wore culottes and then I had a change of heart once I tried on the perfect pair of white tapered culottes and paired them with absolutely everything.

This particular Maje dress has been my go-to summer dress and still hangs in my closet waiting to be work on my next winter escape to warmer climates. No, I didn’t purposely look for a flamenco red dress so that I could finally use that flamenco dancing emoji properly, I honestly just fell for it!

It’s funny how much attention it actually gets and I lost count of how many girls came up and asked me where it was from. Sadly it’s sold out but I did link similar styles below. I really believe in always stocking up on good dresses, so even if the weather is turning, you should still check out the summer sale dresses still available because you never know… xx Sofia

Sofia Grau_Maje Dress Sofia Grau_Maje Dress Sofia Grau_Maje Dress Sofia Grau_Maje Dress

Red Dress: Maje (similar here), Bag: Michael Kors (here), Sunglasses: Céline (here), Sandals: Mango



  1. Maria Raquel Lascano says

    Sofia, creo que el Colorado te queda muy bien y es un buen color para llamar la atencion sobre tu persona y por consiguiente se fijaran en todo lo que desees publicitar. besos, Raque

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